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March 23, 2010


are you going to be a graduate in 2011? are you interested in getting a sweet deal on funky & edgy senior pictures? then become a senior class representative for gillette portrait arts! our reps get their session done for FREE plus 50% off any photo package! we specialize in making your senior photos about YOU – do you like the beach? horses? fashion? our main goal is to make your photos as unique as you are and we use a combination of fashion and locations to customize a shoot that is all about you. we are hiring reps from each local high school in worcester, wicomico & somerset county and are only accepting one rep per school. once you become a rep for GPA here’s what you get………

our basic senior session which includes:

multi-location shoot with 2 to 3 outfit changes

proof magazine with up to 100 images

online photo gallery for 3 months

 - this session is usually $150.00 dollars, but for our reps it’s FREE

then we select one of your favorite images from the shoot and create a “rep card” one side of the card is your photo and the other side contains our studio information. when one of your friends brings in one of your rep cards, not only do they receive 10% off of the basic session fee, you get $10 toward wallet photos, enlargements… whatever you want. and wait….. there’s more! :) as a GPA rep, you get 50% off any photo package – this can be up to a $200 value!


our photo packages:tri-fold-inside-rightc

we’ve already had several inquiries so if you’re interested give us a call 410.632.4855 or shoot us an email asap. For a slideshow of our favorite shots of our 2010 reps click here - we can’t wait to meet the class of 2011!

March 22, 2010

although we had a lot of great entries for our Love Story Valentine’s Day contest (thank you for the huge response!) – the story of Carrie & Will really spoke to my heart (read below) Their story is full love, hope and is timeless. I’m so excited to do a session with them when they are reunited!


My name is Carrie, and I’m in love with a man named Will.  The story of how we met isn’t all that unusual.  We were out at a local restaurant on a Friday night and were introduced by mutual friends.  There was instant chemistry and within a few short months, I had fallen head over heels.  What makes our story so wonderful is the road we’ve been on since we met.  Will is in the Coast Guard.  I am a small town girl, working for my family’s business in Salisbury, MD.  I grew up here; my entire family is here; my life is here.  Will left his family in Florida and after boot camp was stationed in Crisfield, MD for four years.  And somehow, despite living in such a rural area, we did not meet until he was waiting for orders to where his career would take him next.  Those orders came after only a few months of dating, and he came to my house with a bottle of wine to tell me where he had been assigned.  He was assigned to a Coast Guard cutter in Kodiak, Alaska.  My heart dropped.  I couldn’t imagine a place in the US further away from me.  We knew it would be hard, and neither one of us had ever believed in long distance relationships, but we also knew that we had something so special and could not let anything stop us from being together.  I took some time off work, and we traveled across North America together.  We spent two weeks driving from Salisbury, Maryland to Homer, Alaska and stopped to explore a few US and Canadian cities along the way.  It was in Homer that my flight back to Maryland and his ferry boat to Kodiak Island both departed.  He drove me to the airport, and we had to say goodbye.  We were unsure of when he would be able to take leave or when we would be able to see each other again.  It was one of the most difficult days in both of our lives.  But we both believed in what we shared. 


Will is stationed in Kodiak until the summer of 2011.  He took leave and came to visit me for three weeks over the holidays, and on December 23, 2009, he asked me to be his wife.  It will be the greatest honor in my life to marry him.  From 5000 miles away, he makes me feel loved and taken care of every single day.   We have now been apart for over seven months, and we have just over fifteen months until he moves back and we will get married.  Even though he’s gone, my life is better every day with him a part of it. 


So that’s our story.  I hope that we are evidence that in a modern world, old fashioned love still exists.  Happy Valentine’s Day.


Congratulations Carrie & Will – I can’t wait to meet you!

March 20, 2010


we left early on a saturday morning – kristie got to my house at 6:15 and after having some coffee with the hubs and some extra long good-byes for him and the boys we were off to philly for our flight. after checking in, the countdown to take off began. those of you who know me well know that I am not a good flyer – at all. It scares the bedazzler out of me and it always has. I’ve flown at least once a year, and normaly more than that my whole life and I can’t seem to kick this fear in it’s tail. kristie knows this about me and stayed about 2 feet away from me at all times while I attempted to get to zen. so we board, and because I forgot my ipod I immediately put on my headphones and plug into the airline “radio” with it’s sad selection of sad music – but music just the same – enough to provide a small distraction – and then we started moving. It’s take off that gets me, the power of that and the scary noises (yes my friends, I know it’s the wheels coming up. I know it… but still….) and once we get to the happy place where the bell tings for seatbelt removal I can breathe. If you’ve seen “Say Anything…” I totally related to the last scene – I mentioned this to kristie and she looked at me with a “huh?” oh.. to be young enough not to have a clue about the best John Cusak movie – EVER! so my zen is right around the corner and boom, the 5 foot cheerleader  in front of me reclines allllllll the way back. now, I am 6 feet tall and I never recline, ever! I think it’s rude. the space in coach is so limited as it is and if I can make due with my knees up to my chin, little 3 year old billy can keep his seat upright and locked in. this is just my opinion - my dad didn’t even recline and he was 6’9″ – maybe us tall folk feel an empathy for the guy or gal behind us. ANYWAY – so after landing in houston and one more bloody take off we were in VEGAS! so happy!! saturday night was basically a free night – no plans but to introduce kristie to vegas and get my blackjack on. I won’t bore you with our gambling escpades – let’s just leave it to the cards weren’t my friend, but I left vegas $200 up thanks to a sex & the city slot machine. I also am not going to go into detail about all of the talks we went to – almost all were amazing - but I do have a favorite and will elaborate later.  on sunday night we went to the airhorn & lasers party - partly sponsored by none other than the love affair girls! the party was at tryst in the wynn and it was such a good time! In addition to kelly, lauren & millie I saw meggie - my rock star model from love affair and lezlie andrew - amazing photographer and fellow love affair attendee. the dj was awesome and the joint was jumping! here we are chillaxin on the red velvet couches


the following day the trade show opened and literally – EVERYTHING a photographer could need or want was at this place – and some stuff that no one should ever want – again, just one girl’s opinion. but we were excited to head over to the girl’s booth where they were featuring their amazing new products. such as…..

from kelly – the kelly moore bag


I got the fuschia one shown above :) kristie got a rockin’ green croc

and millie – the get it together kit I saw the beginning stages of this while in atlanta and if you are a photographer who is overwhelmed (aren’t we all?) do not pass go – order this today!


and then lauren – UNO dvd  lauren is a photoshop rockstar and this DVD will help you take your post-production skills to a whole new level!


so now for my favorite speaker of the whole deal – I had heard about the “film is not dead” guy for a bit but didn’t know his actual name – well I found it out during our final day in vegas. it is jonathan canlas and he is amazing! he reminded me why I love photography so much – why I started shooting in the first place – I could actually smell toner and fixer as he spoke. he shoots film only – no digital – just film. I remember when digital first started to really emerge and we were out to dinner with some friends and I stated “I will NEVER go digital – ever!!” so when I started pricing out my first canon 20D all the hubs could do was laugh. I’m not saying I don’t love what digital can do – I absolutely do. but as the talk went on I kinda kicked myself for putting the old nikon away so quick. but it wasn’t only the film thing, even though that’s so cool to me – but this guy is devoid of any ego – when people clapped after a slideshow he waved his hands saying “stop.. stop” and he ran a slideshow that took everyone’s breath away. my words wouldn’t do it justice, but you can pop over to his blog to check it out – it was amazing. I’m so grateful that his was the talk I wrapped up wppi with – as an experience as a whole, wppi got my mind a racin’! I’ve been shooting for 20 years with an active business for almost 8 – I spent 8 years of college living in darkrooms and shooting everything I could see. I guess my point is that even though I’ve been in this gig for awhile – I hope I always remain teachable, open to new things and seeking inspiration everywhere. I pray that even though gillette portrait arts is beginning it’s biggest year ever, that I NEVER think I know everything there is to know about this big beautiful business and my craft. I like wedding shows – gasp! I know some people feel that they’re too big or important to do them but I love them! it gives me a chance to meet new brides face-to-face in addition to new vendors who are riding the crazy train of the wedding business. I hope that I continue to attend talks/workshops/etc  and be as excited about shooting as I was the first time I ever picked up a camera. I think that being creative is a constantly evolving adventure and when you get your work down to a “formula” you should just stop shooting. I’m proud that I’ve never shot a senior session in the same location twice – that I fully get my couples input when doing e-sessions and come up with locations that are them, not just some cool alley I’ve used 10 times before. If you’re not growing, why do it? Is it fair to your clients? to you? So as I step off my soapbox I will leave you with the wppi experience summarized :                                                                                                                                      

1. I still hate flying

2. blackjack can bite you in the wallet but the sex & the city slots can redeem you (and it’s really fun)

3. kristie and I love our kelly moore bags – a lot

4. the girls from love affair are amazing photographers, businesswomen and people

5. I’m getting too old to jump during the whole song of house of pain’s “jump around”

6. film is NOT dead (I pulled out the nikon my first day home)

7. I am truly excited and blessed to have the job I do, the friends I do, the hubs that I love and kristie who made vegas so fun! (holla at your girl!)

I will leave you with some smilebooth shots of us at the airhorns & lasers party – viva las vegas! can’t wait til next year!



March 18, 2010


so raye and I got back from wppi in vegas last thursday (raye will be blogging about that later) and I was so excited to get my camera to work for betsy & chris’ e-session. we initally were going to do it yesterday, but chris had to work so we switched the session to this past sunday. initially I was a little nervous as the fog was heavy!! really heavy – like can’t find your dog in the backyard heavy – but a lot of it burned off by the time we met with betsy & chris and what was left over only added to the beauty of her parent’s waterfront home. to say I’m excited for this wedding would be an understatement. when raye & I first met betsy, we ended up hanging out in the studio for a good 2 hours – chatting like we’d all known each other for years and now after having met chris I know they’re going to be beyond fun to work with on the big day!











betsy & chris – you guys were such troopers to muck through the mud and it was a joy to work with you – like I said… I can’t wait!

March 09, 2010

just wanted to post a quick reminder that kristie & I are in las vegas – partying it up and learning a ton at wppi! I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries via email/blackberry for upcoming weddings and we will be back on thursday night. so on friday I will be returning calls and emails. no worries - if we haven’t contacted you yet you will hear from us SOON! our hours and internet have been out of whack from the normal operating hours of gillette portrait arts! but wait til I show you the photos and tell you the amazing stories and lessons learned while here in vegas. I am overflowing with new ideas and gratitude to be with so many talented and fun photographers!!! see you soon!

ps: our love story contest winner plus new senior packages for the class of 2011 will be announced next week!