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February 21, 2010

jenni is one of my closest friends and started off as one of my brides – I wrote about how much I love it when this happens on the blog a while ago. I meet the greatest people on my job and am forever grateful to have this opportunity that has brought so many wonderful friends into my life. jenni is a true friend – and I know this because she knows when I need a break –  just an afternoon to get away from it all. so about a month ago she basically told me that I was going to make an upcoming saturday open, but she wouldn’t tell me what we were doing. she had it all scheduled and then the snow hit and she told me what she had planned so we could re-schedule. we finally has decent enough weather that we could go to the spa at the cambridge hyatt and get pampered – ahhhhhh



doesn’t she look relaxed? :)




yikes! talk about a close up! but I love it anyway


after getting our spa on, jenni treated me to a delicious lunch at mitchums market in trappe – if you’ve never been GO it was sooooo good. I was so engulfed in the food and conversation with jenni that I neglected to take a single photo – it was that good! but I had such a wonderful day and am beyond grateful for friends like jenni – love you girl!