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February 25, 2010


I met nicole at the what’s up weddings bridal show and she actually won my doorprize of an engagement session. it was a bit tricky trying to nail down a location as a lot of areas were still deep with snow. initally we had planned to shoot at a schoolhouse near to where nicole rides horses – hopefully we can hit that spot in the spring :) so we met up in downtown easton instead. nicole and brandon brought their adorable dog oreo along and we had a great time roaming the streets on a sleep sunday afternoon




oreo could have cared less about me – I think there was a much more entertaining squirl behind me!



I love it when my couples have as much fun as I do!



one word…. sassy!






congratulations! I wish you love and laughter on your big day – you were so much fun to work with!!

February 23, 2010


shelley and dennis met 14 years ago when their younger siblings got married and then a few years later they saw each other again when twins were welcomed into the family at the baptism. they have a beautiful event planned at quiet waters park in annapolis – I met them there last friday to see where the ceremony and reception would be as well as doing their e-session. we had to cancel previous appointments due to the hideous weather – we were finally able to meet up and it is a gorgeous location. Unfortunately, we were kind of limited to where we could shoot as the snow was still REALLY deep – I’m so excited when all of this melts off and we can really use the beauty of the park on their wedding day in march!




they were so much fun to work with – laughing the whole shoot!








thanks for being such troopers on a chilly & windy day – I can’t wait for your wedding!!!

February 21, 2010

jenni is one of my closest friends and started off as one of my brides – I wrote about how much I love it when this happens on the blog a while ago. I meet the greatest people on my job and am forever grateful to have this opportunity that has brought so many wonderful friends into my life. jenni is a true friend – and I know this because she knows when I need a break –  just an afternoon to get away from it all. so about a month ago she basically told me that I was going to make an upcoming saturday open, but she wouldn’t tell me what we were doing. she had it all scheduled and then the snow hit and she told me what she had planned so we could re-schedule. we finally has decent enough weather that we could go to the spa at the cambridge hyatt and get pampered – ahhhhhh



doesn’t she look relaxed? :)




yikes! talk about a close up! but I love it anyway


after getting our spa on, jenni treated me to a delicious lunch at mitchums market in trappe – if you’ve never been GO it was sooooo good. I was so engulfed in the food and conversation with jenni that I neglected to take a single photo – it was that good! but I had such a wonderful day and am beyond grateful for friends like jenni – love you girl!

February 18, 2010


so unless you’ve been living on mars for the past few weeks – you know that the mid-atlantic has been POUNDED with crappy weather. and I joined the cries that said “enough!” I even ranted and raved about it here on the blog - but sometimes you just have to make the lemonade with the lemons you’re given and once the sun started to shine, I knew that I wanted to do a snow shoot. I recruited prescilla (known to me as scilly) and her boyfriend barry. not only do they work with us at the palette, but they are head over heels for each other – and did I mentioned they’re a stunningly beautiful couple. plus – it was cold. not just chilly. C O L D – with winds whipping and snow blowing. we found this field with snow geese everywhere and I loved it! my friends were troopers – adding some hotness to the frozen tundra….. :)















thank you SO much guys for helping me take advantage of this rare (crossing my fingers) occurance here on the shore – you were great!!!

February 11, 2010


valentines day is only 4 days away and we’re in the mood for love – YOUR love that is. we want to hear stories…. stories of how you met, stories from your wedding, even stories of him just taking out the trash – anything that celebrates the greatest thing in the world! we don’t care if you just started dating, are recently engaged or have been married for years – it’s cold outside and we just want the warm fuzzies that being smitten with that special guy or gal brings! send us an email to either or to and spill your heart out! the winner will receive a FREE portrait session and a glossy 30 page coffee table book!! we will choose a winner on sunday 02.22.10 – if you include a photo, that would be great!!! 
February 10, 2010

I am not one who does well with things I have no power over – I’m a total type A control freak – so when something or someone (in this case the lovely mother nature) puts obstacles in my path that I can’t hurdle no matter how hard I try, I’m not happy. I sulk and even whine – hosting my own private little pity party because I’m not getting my way. and I, unfortunately can not make the snow stop falling or the wind stop blowing. it has my schedule all screwed up – I was supposed to meet with 7 clients this past weekend – all lined up in perfect time allotted spaces – grouping together the local and the over-the-bridge brides in such seamless order that it could bring a tear to you eye. I was on fire! and then BAM, my house of cards comes tumbling down and although most of the appointments have been successfully re-scheduled, it’s not nearly as martha stewart perfect as it had been. now I realize in the face of power outages and road closings that the disruption in my little schedule seems laughable in comparison and trust me, I know it is. I am beyond grateful that our power has stayed on and that our dogs are loving this. but I get bothered and when I am bothered, it is all about ME – just ask the hubs!  On the other hand (and there is always that other, frustrating, happy, the glass in half full to overflowing hand when I want to wallow) I am catching up on a bunch of stuff I have left in my proverbial “in” box forever. I’ve also been making lists – lots and lots of lists. If I can’t be doing what I want, I must do something – and I must create lists of these things and then lists of those lists……. but I digress. one of these lists is a goal list. now I know that I had layed some “resolutions” out at the beginning of the year. but my goal list – well, that’s different – at least it is to me. resolutions are large life-changing ideas to me – a goal can be small, tangible and definitely doable. so I challenged myself to 50 personal and professional goals that I could reasonably accomplish before the end of the year and because you too may be snow weary and bored  feel free to share some of your own!

1: get published again                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

2: get new lighting set up

3: buy something really cool for myself at WPPI

4: get my fourth tattoo

5: do a cleanse

6: take my dogs to the ocean at least once a week (once the weather warms of course)

7: update my marketing materials

8: get a new phone

9: switch to mac?? (still unsure about this one – any input would be appreciated)

10: go to NYC just because

11: shoot a destination wedding

12: shoot a fashion editorial

13: photographically collaborate with a local charity

14: go back to red with my hair

15: go to a workshop/seminar of a photographer I admire

16: do a session of my & the hubs with a photographer I admire

17: redecorate our living room

18: paint my home office

19: find the perfect shoes for wedding day shooting

20: hire an intern

21: do date night at least once a week

22: shoot more dog sessions

23: style and shoot an editorial wedding layout

24: go para-sailing

25: go to colorado

26: go on a honeymoon

27: go away for a weekend every season

28: hold a small workshop

29: say no once in awhile

30: hangout with my girlfriends more

31: go out on a double date

32: lose 25 pounds

33: go to new hope (it’s just 20 minutes from my step mother’s house)

34: watch more old movies

35: go see live music at least 5 times

36: attempt baking

37: twitter? I just don’t know

38: get a better office chair

39: order new canvases for the studio

40: try waxing a photograph

41: shoot more film

42: get an instant camera of some kind

43: get some cute rainboots

44: take more walks

45: go through my clothes and get rid of what I don’t wear – this goes for shoes too!

46: take the roof of my jeep off more this summer

47: read at least 15 of the “books I want to read”  list

48: go to yoga class at least once a week

49: make smoothies for me & the hubs in the morning

50: take time to breathe, step back and be grateful

so there we go – my “blizzard of 2010″ list. what did you accomplish or have a great time not accomplishing during the storm? kristie will decide on the best snow story and gift the winner a $25 starbucks card! but another upside to the storm is that I was able to edit some photos that I’ve been slacking on because they were just for fun – my friend kala and I did this session late this summer and I’m really happy with the way they turned out – I’ll have a full post of these tomorrow. happy snow day!


February 07, 2010


so… it’s the “day after” the day after a weather event the media called so severe that they recommended people stock up on enough food for 5 days…. FIVE!!!! an event that postponed a big music event here in town, an event that closed down my restaurant for a whole saturday, and event that left me without internet for close to 10 hours!! the horror!!!. now if you’ve read my blog, you know that I’m all about snow. I grew up in syracuse, ny and spent many years in colorado – I’m used to people going OUT for big snows, not raiding every grocery store for their 5 days of bread and milk. to be honest, it frustrated me to the point that I opened the door of my restaurant and yelled to the skies “it’s just snow!!!!” but when I look at it from a different perspective, the places where I’ve lived before know what to do with all of this white stuff, thereby making it basically like any other day - down here, schools will be closed for DAYS and life will not return to normal for awhile. so we pulled together as small towns tend to do and ATE! last night a bunch of us went over to our friend meg’s house for beef tenderloin, roasted shallots and some of the best cheese I’ve had in awhile (silly me forgot the camera last night) we even had a jigsaw puzzle! a perfect snowy evening. this morning the party moved to ann & randy’s house for breakfast and it was the perfect beginning to super bowl sunday! ann & randy’s son bryan and his wife have been without power going on 2 days (they live across the bridge which got a severe beating) and I’m hoping for a report soon that the power is on and that they are warm and watching the game!


mmmmm…… bacon…….


ann & randy’s dogs sarge and mo – “sharing” a toy


this is scrapple – some of you may be familiar with it – if you’re not, google it. it’s a pretty popular around here but I’ve never acquired the taste for it


these are some of the best croissants in the world that ann gets from willams sonoma – beyond good – I could have eaten 20 of them. here they are before….


and the buttery, crispy melt-in-your-mouth after


I’ve taken hundreds of photos of sarge over the years but I can’t help myself… he’s so darned handsome!


the one great thing about this storm is that it’s forced me to kind of slow down for a few days. after we got home last night, roland turned to me and said “we actually spent a saturday evening together” and it’s kind of pathetic just how rare that is. I’m not staying as focused on the goals that I set at the beginning of 2010 when it comes to making time for downtime with the hubs and my friends as I should – I’ve also been slacking a bit on blogging…. but one thing at a time. so having said that, I’m turning off the computer, getting my pajamas on and hitting the couch for food,  my boys and football!! WHO DAT!?! Go Saints!!!