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January 04, 2010

they’ve known me since the day I was born and I spent my youth knowing them as “friends of my grandparents”.  they were always present at holidays and cocktail parties and while I always greeted them with a hug and a smile, I couldn’t tell you much more about them than their names: miss virginia and mr charles. all of that changed when I moved back to the eastern shore 8 years ago. my grandparents have been gone for years, as well as many more of charles and virginia’s friends – but they are still here, together. both over ninety, they still live in the home where they raised their family. they are my biggest fans at the palette, coming in for dinner at least two nights a week. they are at every party and event in town. since returning to maryland I have learned much more about virginia and charles outside of their friendship with my grandparents – I have learned how they met, how they made it through the depression, how the little town I live in has changed during almost a century and how, after 71 years of marriage they still have that sparkle when they look at each other. when I was a kid, I would take their coats for them as they entered my grandparent’s home for one of their many parties and now, at 40 years old, charles & virginia are my family. every time they come into the palette, I sit down with them and I learn something new – either about my family, my town but always about love. so when miss virginia said to me a few weeks back “you know, I think I might like a photograph taken of me and charles.” needless to say, I was thrilled. I have a similar photograph of my grandparents that hangs in my home, office and restaurant. every member of my extended family has this photograph – and we love it because of what it represents – history, commitment and the truest love there is.