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November 26, 2009


I was leaving snow hill to go meet deborah and aram at deborah’s parents for this shoot when I discovered the bridge over the pocomoke river had been closed due to flooding. now this bridge is the main way out of town, specifically when traveling toward cambridge. I quickly re-routed and headed on up – praying that the rain would let up by the time I got there. I arrived at this beautiful house on the water, where it wasn’t raining – but the events of the morning had left me a bit frazzled. but as soon as I met deborah and aram I was instantly energized and excited for this shoot. I immediately noticed that they had great energy and a playful sense of humor and once deborah showed me the clothes they had brought, I added fabulous style to the list. Initially we stayed on the house’s property which was breathtaking before heading uot to some spots I had noticed on the ride up as well as a special spot they had in mind.






this windmill is right around the corner from the house – crazy! In addition to just being a cool spot to shoot, it also symbolized aram’s heritage – so it was double cool :)







I had these two mucking through muddy fields, jumping over flooded ditches and literally running from location to location so we wouldn’t lose the light and they were right there with me, laughing the whole time and trusting me that there was a point to it all – my kind of clients! I had such a great time with you both and hope to see you again soon!