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November 17, 2009


I met tara at the palette where she’s one of our much appreciated regulars! she’s also a friend of erika (see erika’s blogpost with her family a few posts back) so tara gave me a call to book some family photos and we got it together just in time!  the remnants of hurricane ida were working their way up the coast and eventually pummeld us with rain and wind for days, resulting in flooding in our little town! so, I met the three of them at the atlantic hotel in berlin and from there we wandered the streets. I guess most photographers are just observers by nature, but I love watching families and loved ones interact. this family has so much fun together and clearly love each other tons! bennett and libby really started to have fun and I just kept clicking away!










you guys were great and made my job so easy – I had a blast – thanks!!

November 17, 2009


I met angie at the wedding show at the salisbury commons early this year and immediately I knew I wanted to work with her – she was so excited about her upcoming wedding and had some very cool ideas.  A while later, when we met at the studio – she shared her and ben’s story, which I think I’ll wait until their wedding photos to tell you all about – but it’s VERY romantic!  Then I got to meet ben when the two of them came into the palette and just loved them as a couple – they are getting married in january at the tidewater inn and it will be a winter wonderland of a day – I’m so excited!





we came out of the cold and into the palette so they could enjoy a chardonnay and I could get a shot of them doing one of their favorote things – going out for good food and good wine!





angie & ben – thank you so much for spending the afternoon with me. I had a great time during the shoot and enjoyed our chat after we were done. I’m looking so forward to your wedding – I know it’s going to be a truly special day!