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August 21, 2009


jennifer and adam were married on assateague on an absolutely breathtaking night. jennifer and her mom were referred to me by the folks at riverhouse and for the third wedding in a row, I didn’t meet her until wedding day. it seems to be a theme for me this late summer – but it’s working out great! because I got referred by riverhouse, I just assumed that the wedding would be there – but jen and adam wanted to be married on assateague and I was thrilled! the night was beautiful and as we were leaving the beach we came up on a bunch of ponies – to have that many available is a first for me. those of you not familiar with assateague have to visit! in addition to the fact that they have the most beautiful beaches around, it’s also a wildlife refuge with the ponies and deer everywhere – because they grew up on assateague and have amazing protection from the rangers there, the ponies are used to people and not easily spooked.




loved, loved LOVED this minister!


their kids were obviously a huge part of their day – and they were both perfect! always smiling and soooo easy to photograph!




ya gotta love a lifeguard stand!





yummy, buttery light……… I heart assateague light!!!


after we returned to snow hill – my amazing manager hope from the palette had set up their poolside reception dinner. it looked amazing!! also have to give my girl susan patt from classic cakes credit for designing the cake of jen and adam’s dreams! thank you sooo much hope and susan! and thanks to jen and adam for an amazing evening and such a fun shoot – with PONIES!! I’m still excited about it! much love and happiness to you both!

August 21, 2009


it is very rare that I shoot a wedding where I don’t meet the couple beforehand – at least the bride and it’s happened twice in the last month! meghan had emailed me several months ago about her wedding in PG county because she had heard about me from my friend liz and had seen liz’s photos - meghan was liz’s student teacher while she attended salisbury but now resides over the bridge – SO she and ryan were marrying on a thursday which I think is a pretty cool idea! you’re almost guaranteed to get vendor availability, your friends and family have a reason to take a long weekend and you can jumpstart your honeymoon – but we never had a chance to meet before the wedding. meeting and getting to know my clients is very important to me – this is why I think engagement shoots are not only fun, but beneficial. we all get to know each other, the couple gets an insight to how I shoot, I get the vibe as to how they relate, etc. some of my closest friends in maryland are women who I met as brides looking for a photographer. with meghan, it was a time/distance issue but we communicated a lot via email. with meghan, once I walked into the salon – it was like I had known her for a long time! she was smiling, blissed out and excited for her & ryan’s wedding and I knew we’d have a great day



this is the flower girl, looking outside and seeing her dad – too cute!





they had their reception at the newton white mansion which was GORGEOUS! I had never been there before – but hope I go back again and again because it’s huge and I’m sure I could scope out a ton of places to shoot. the first thing that caught my eye was this old wooden shed used now for storage – loved it!



gorgeous right?


thank you meghan and ryan for inviting me to document your beautiful wedding day, for bringing me to a rocking new venue and for the amazing  hotel room with a yummy breakfast – it was a joy to meet you and photograph two such happy people, so in love!

August 17, 2009

116heather and wade got married on july 25th at fager’s island in ocean city. Initially, I had planned to keep this date open because I was leaving for atlanta the next day – but when heather contacted me and told me that they only wanted me for about 2 hours and that she had a small group – I hopped onboard – plus she sounded really fun! so after battling the worst route 90 traffic I have EVER seen, I met the happy couple and their friends and family at fager’s.  it was a beautiful afternoon, perfect for a wedding – but it was WINDY! like knock you on your butt windy! but heather & wade were so happy and looked so beautiful, that not even a hurricane could’ve spoiled their joy




I love love LOVE the pink soles of heather’s shoes!





Is there anything cuter than little girls dancing with their fathers?



cracks me up!!!


congratulations heather & wade!! the few hours I spent with you were so much fun and I wish you much happiness!

August 15, 2009


at a lot of workshops you have a time allotted to shoot – and normally it’s 15 photographers per model. not at Love Affair!! The ratio was only 4-1 which is amazing for a group of 60 shooters! so as we sat in the meeting studio, brandi (kelly moore’s rock star stylist) brought all of the models in the room and with one look at meggie I was praying that I would get her. so all of the models left the room and we had to count off and then go find out who our model was – as we turned the corner, there was meggie – YAY!!!! happy happy girl I was. so I worked with candice, tomi & sarah and we had a blast! meggie had been to a previous Love Affair and is also a crazy talented photographer so she was beyond open and willing to any idea or location we had – crawling down into alleys and climbing into fountains – thank you so much meggie – you’re amazing!








August 15, 2009


as you can probably tell – I’ve been a bit remiss in my blogging. there are several reaasons for this, the main one being that I’ve been crazy busy – a great thing, but the blog has suffered. and I guess the best thing is that I went away to the most amazing workshop – EVER!! and since I have returned, I have spent a majority of my time sorting through all of the things that I learned and putting them into action. SO… here’s the skinny. Love Affair is a workshop that is headed by 4 AMAZING women photographers - millie holloman, kelly moore, davina fear and lauren clark. I first heard about Love Affair about a year and a half ago and have wanted to go ever since but haven’t been able to due to scheduling or funds, etc. but this year I made it happen and I’m so grateful that I did. To go into all I learned and experienced there would be more than my little blog could handle – but let’s just say that is was life-changing. I changed my thinking in the way I approach my business and my marketing. I’ve been a photographer for as long as I can remember and I always thought I was pretty good at what I do – but after leaving Atlanta, my confidence, my creativity and my passion for photography has gone through the roof!! I know I give my clients my heart and soul in every job I do – my relationships and friendships with them are an integreal part of my work and life.  And to share a week with 60 like-minded women has me super-focused and excited to take on new challenges, find new products and services for my clients and take gillette portrait arts to a new level! The great thing about attending an all female workshop is that it also focused on the real-life challenges that women in business have trying to balance it all. I learned amazing ways to speed up my workflow so that I have more time to share with friends and family. I seem to always tell myself that once I accomplish this….. or that… ot the other…. that I’ll take a road trip to visit a friend or spend a day at the beach, etc. by learning more efficient methods to still give my clients great work while gaining more free time has been a huge gift! I am so grateful to all of you ladies who shared your time, talent, advice and friendship – I will never forget it!img_5038

as though the workshop itself weren’t enough, the last night the ladies threw an amazing finale BASH! as we walked through the curtains, this beautiful table was center stage – how gorgeous is this?!


as a restaurant person – I was astounded with what was accomplished at this event. the bartender was hysterical and his signature cocktail was “the seduction” – had to shoot it!




thanks again millie, kelly, davina & lauren – for everything!!! check out these crazy talented ladies – their blogs are highly stalkable!!

August 15, 2009

272several weeks back, I photographed the wedding of jessica & bryan! this was a “bi-state” wedding, beginning in delaware as she got ready, then to ocean city for the ceremony and then to the fountains in salisbury for the reception. I could tell once I got the jessica’s house that this would be a fun group! her parents introduced themselves as “mob” and “fob” aka mother of the bride and father of the bride – getting her dress on was a group effort


after fighting some mean traffic and some spontaneous detours, we arrived at the church – I love this shot of her bridesmaids taking a peek



jessica really wanted a photo of the whole wedding party jumping and for a group this large, I think it turned out great!



on the way to the reception, we made a stop at the shop where bryan proposed – so cute!




gets me everytime….



thank you jessica & bryan for a great day and allowing me to document your happiness – your family and friends were so much fun and I wish you much love and happiness!