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July 26, 2009


I’ve known diane & mike armstrong since they’ve moved to snow hill – they actually bought the house of bryan’s grandmother (I posted bryan’s engagement session a few posts back) they’ve come to the palette often and have become a wonderful addition to our little town. once the palette started featuring live music, mike was the logical choice to start – he is an amazing musician and his band the mood swingers were our debut band. about a month ago, we had a fundraiser for one of our servers and I donated a portrait session and mike won it in the silent auction. their kids came to town a few weeks later and it was the perfect time to do the session






I am a sucker for father daughter photos


I hope you guys had as much fun as I did during this session!

July 26, 2009


I met freda almost a year ago at a wedding show at the fountains and I immediately knew it would be fun working with her! she has a wonderful spirit and great sense of humor – she had me laughing all day. I got to her parents house and she had everything planned done to the smallest detail – she is a teacher and you can tell. her 2 flower girls had the cutest dresses I think I’ve ever seen – they were adorable!





suzette pritchard sang at the wedding and let me tell you – she brought the house down!


freda and derrick have been together for quite awhile and you can just tell when you’re around them that they just complete each other – they’re so at ease and crack each other up constantly - which I love!



when they had their first dance, I didn’t know the song (which after hundreds of weddings, is odd) but I loved it! halfway through the song, the event planner got on the mike and told everyone that the song had been written and recorded by freda’s dad years ago – how cool is that?!


thank you freda and derrick for such a FUN day – I had a blast!! I wish you so much happiness and joy