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July 26, 2009


I’ve known diane & mike armstrong since they’ve moved to snow hill – they actually bought the house of bryan’s grandmother (I posted bryan’s engagement session a few posts back) they’ve come to the palette often and have become a wonderful addition to our little town. once the palette started featuring live music, mike was the logical choice to start – he is an amazing musician and his band the mood swingers were our debut band. about a month ago, we had a fundraiser for one of our servers and I donated a portrait session and mike won it in the silent auction. their kids came to town a few weeks later and it was the perfect time to do the session






I am a sucker for father daughter photos


I hope you guys had as much fun as I did during this session!

July 26, 2009


I met freda almost a year ago at a wedding show at the fountains and I immediately knew it would be fun working with her! she has a wonderful spirit and great sense of humor – she had me laughing all day. I got to her parents house and she had everything planned done to the smallest detail – she is a teacher and you can tell. her 2 flower girls had the cutest dresses I think I’ve ever seen – they were adorable!





suzette pritchard sang at the wedding and let me tell you – she brought the house down!


freda and derrick have been together for quite awhile and you can just tell when you’re around them that they just complete each other – they’re so at ease and crack each other up constantly - which I love!



when they had their first dance, I didn’t know the song (which after hundreds of weddings, is odd) but I loved it! halfway through the song, the event planner got on the mike and told everyone that the song had been written and recorded by freda’s dad years ago – how cool is that?!


thank you freda and derrick for such a FUN day – I had a blast!! I wish you so much happiness and joy


July 15, 2009


brandi discovered our studio through one of my favorite brides stephanie and gave me a call. it was decided that I would go to baltimore to meet with her, as that was where the wedding would be. brandi and will live at clipper mill and are having both the ceremony and reception there and let me tell you – it is a photographers dream!!! at least this photographer. clipper mill is basically a series of building that once contained a foundry and has been restored to include luxury housing, art spaces, offices & restaurants while keeping the character and rustic appearance of the buildings intact. I am beyond excited to shoot this wedding – not only does the site make me giddy, but brandi and will are so cute and in love and have such a great spirit it’s contagious!


they had been vacationing in dewey beach for the week – so we met up in berlin to do the shoot before they headed back over the bridge








thanks brandi and will for such a fun afternoon – I’ll see you soon!!

July 12, 2009

377earlier this week I had posted kelly’s bridal session – the session took place at her parent’s beautiful house on the water down in crisfield and this was to be to location of the wedding as well. so I was driving to crisfield the morning of the wedding, attempting to ignore the massive black clouds that were behind me. when I got to the beauty salon, kelly and her girls were already talking weather and were calling friends of theirs with top of the line radar – rain was coming, there was no getting around it. but…. kelly was getting ready early and there was a lot of time before the ceremony. I pulled up weather radar on my blackberry and while it looked like we were going to get pummeled, it looked like it would clear up fast. so hair and make-up was done, snacks were eaten and we all just hoped for the best. then it came and it wasn’t just rain, it was a classic eastern shore summer storm complete with buckets of rain and power surges. but it did indeed clear up and all seemed well. as I headed over to the house I could see dark skies, but was hoping it was going, not coming. I walked into the house and found everyone on the back deck, looking up – thunder clapped and the decision was made to move the ceremony to a local church – as much as it pained kelly’s mom to make the call, it was obvious what was going to happen. well the church is not your average church, it’s one of the oldest in crisfield and it’s gorgeous – and once we walked into the doors with the wedding dress and all of the flowers – it rained, and rained, and rained – good call mom!


watching the rain……144


I love this moment between kelly and her mom


after the ceremony was over, the weather cleared and we were able to go some photos outside


this is dean, the flower girl and she had me cracking up all day!





thank you kelly & michael for including me in your day – and rain or shine, it was a beautiful day! congratulations!

July 09, 2009


bryan is probably the closest thing I have to a little brother. we’re both only children and our families have been friends for generations – so I’ve known him forever. his parents have basically taken on the role of my surrogate parents since mine have passed away. once I moved back from colorado and to snow hill – I would see him whenever he came home to see his parents and he and I have gotten pretty close over the years. so when his mom ann called me and said “bryan’s getting married!” I immediately blurted out – “I’m doing the photos!!!!” then I let her finish her statement – he was getting married… eloping… to jamaica. as I write this – they have tied the knot – as of yesterday in negril. but I did have a chance to do an engagement session before they left. he and his wife (wow!) melissa were such good sports. I had to meet them EARLY because they were only down for the weekend and I had a wedding on saturday and they had plans for most of the day on sunday – so that morning, we met and began to wander snow hill, shooting at will. the skies opened  briefly and showered us, but then it cleared up to a beautiful morning!








congratulations bryan and melissa!!! I wish you so much love and happiness as you begin your life together!

July 08, 2009


kelly and I had gotten together about a month and a half before her wedding to do her bridal photos. so I’ve had these completed for quite a while, but coudn’t post them until after the wedding. we shot in crisfield at her mother’s house which was a gorgeous home on the water and the location of the upcoming wedding. at first we were all a bit nervous becuase it was crazy windy – the thing we altered for the session because of the weather was to nix the veil – but apart from that, you would have never known how much os was blowing. her hair barely moved – I told her that her stylist needed to do a repeat performance on her wedding day, because I was amazed how well it held up!




beautiful day and a beautiful bride – I’ll be posting their wedding soon!

July 07, 2009


jocelyn actually found me through her mom who is on my mailing address for the restaurant. I had mentioned that I was looking for brides interested in “trashing” their wedding dress. I have done a few of these sessions – but none like jocelyn. when we communicated through email, I learned that her dress was a monique lhuillier – I was immediately nervous for her and the dress. I mean these dresses are expensive!!! I was assuming that maybe she might want to do some shots with a bit more chance of staining the dress than one would attempt on their wedding day – but full out trash it? a monique lhuillier?? so imagine my delight when she came to snow hill to meet me and not only was she as beautiful as her dress – but she indeed was gleeful to trash it – completely.



I have long wanted to do an edgy bridal fashion shoot – and this was such the perfect opportunity. jocelyn was a natural model – seriously, I could not have asked for more. she could read where I was going and just hit the mark – it was amazing








the waves were a bit unpredictable!


and out she goes!  jocelyn is a surfer and just body surfed the dress back in

img_6943thank you sooo much jocelyn – for a great afternoon, for not only playing along but having a blast doing it and for posing for some of my favorite images ever!  I had a great time!!

July 05, 2009


courtney and brett had a great wedding that was held in both delaware and maryland. the ceremony was in delaware and the reception was held at lighthouse sound - one of my favorite reception venues. before we headed to the church, we were able to do some photos by the water near her parents place, it was a beautiful location. on the way to the ceremony, we came up on some really bad traffic and had to re-route, using back roads to get to the church – but we were there on time and then after the ceremony, we attempted to get on the beach for some shots, but it was 2:00 in the afternoon and the beaches were CROWDED! so we did a few in the dune trails and then headed to the lighthouse – which as I said, I love. there are great places to shoot and the staff is so helpful supplying golf carts so we can get around. after courtney, brett and I finished up, it was off to the reception where I think I witnessed one of the best “father-daughter” dances ever. courtney and her dad were dancing, when her mom came out to the floor to join them and it was just such a special moment – lots of love in that dance, that family and that couple.



I love how brett’s suit is a different color246





congratulations courtney and brett – it was so much fun photographing your wedding and I was happy to be a small part of your special day!

July 03, 2009



I posted a few weeks ago after I did the engagement session with emily and jason in st. michaels and I knew that I was going to love shooting their wedding. one, they’re an absolutely gorgeous couple – two, they are just a blast to work with. so when wedding day rolled around, I was excited. I went out to the home of her maid of honor – amazing house on the water, it’s also where a former bride kristen got ready. The whole pool house is reserved for the bridal party – complete with snacks, steamer and multiple mirrors.

041I love her face in this photo


066so we went to the ceremony site and it was this beautiful house and horse farm – stunning - and the weather was perfect!  now I already knew that emily and jason were crazy in love, but what I didn’t know was how intensely and completely that this love is spread to all of their friends and family – I mean this is a group of people who love each other so much and aren’t afraid to show it. their joy just pulls you in - it was amazing!





after the ceremony, I took the bridal party here, there and everywhere. I thought the wedding planner was going to kill me, but we had a great time!





we were dangerously close to losing the bouquet to the horse for a little snack


thank you emily and jason for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful day! not only was it a fabulous wedding – but I was able to see old friends (there were 3 former brides there) and shoot some of my favorite photos ever! I wish you all the love and joy in the world