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June 18, 2009



I hate to say it… but Lily had a murphy’s law wedding – well at least at first. I met Lily and her mom at a wedding show in chincoteague this winter – I was immediately excited to shoot her wedding when I met her – so warm and open and beautiful! her now-husband Paul is from the UK and I met him briefly a few weeks later when they came into the palette on valentine’s day. the thing is, was she was doing all of her wedding planning from western maryland – which normally wouldn’t be a problem – but then things started falling apart. she had her reception planned for a B&B which shall remain nameless and about 2 weeks before her wedding, the owner stopped returning any calls or emails. Lily and Paul then discovered that the place was basically out of business and so they were at square one – not only for a reception venue, but for a place for their guests from the UK to stay – all of this from hundreds of miles away! I did what I could, called folks I knew on the island and then her caterer,  bill’s seafood graciously offered his backyard for the reception -right on the water! a much prettier location than the first – everything happens for a reason I guess. she had some bumps in the road with some other vendors – but by the time I got there, she was a radiant bride. You would have never known the stress that she had to deal with because she was looking at the bigger picture – what this day was all about.. she and Paul were getting married, and she couldn’t have been happier!



one of the main reasons that Lily wanted to get married on chincoteague was the ponies – and they had 2, both descendants of misty, at the ceremony





Lily is definitely a happy crier – and when her mom made a toast – it was a full out sob.


thank you so much Lily and Paul for being such a great couple and allowing me to document your beautiful day!