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May 30, 2009


okay – a little back story is in order. about 3 years ago I shot a wedding in st.michaels. while I shoot quite a lot of weddings now in easton, cambridge & st. michaels – back then I still hadn’t entered that market. well from that one wedding years ago – I’ve shot the weddings of 3 bridesmaids, 2 groomsmen and multiple friends. so when emily called me, she sent along a group photo from kristen & matt’s wedding with her face circled – which I thought was really cute. I remembered shots I had taken of emily and jason dancing at kristen’s reception and thinking what a great couple they made. when I got to st. michaels for the engagement session, I was already excited. but I had no idea that it’s basically impossible to take a bad photo of these two. they are the perfect blend of love, fun, adventure and it doesn’t hurt that they are gorgeous! they were so patient with me as we walked from place to place to buildings and shops that I wanted to use in the shots – the sky was ominous with impending rain, but we lucked out – only getting a few drops here and there. I’m extremely sincere when I say that I had a great time during this shoot – emily and jason are so obviously head over heels for each other, plus they have a great sense of humor – I am excited not only for this wedding and this couple – but also for the chance to see some of my previous couples – I love my job!

058I love the people in the window eating ice cream – oblivious to us 




how cute are they??





May 30, 2009



a few posts back, I blogged about jenny (formerly jenny gordy) and keith donoway and their twins. well jenny has 2 siblings – a brother bobby and sister chrissy. bobby has 2 beautiful girls, gracie and julia with his wife chrsitina. I shot christina’s maternity session, julia’s newborn session and multiple shots of gracie – then came the sessions with jenny and keith. I began to realize that chrissy, her husband mike and their son miles were not in the mix. so I gave chrissy a call and we set up a session – they live in chincoteague, which is one of my favorite places on the shore so I drove down last week and we got miles’  feet in the sand for the first time since he started walking – like all other limbs of the gordy family tree, they are a truly beautiful family – full of love and fun! I feel so blessed to ne the “official” family photographer for this special group of friends






look at those curls!!!



May 30, 2009


I actually met brittany through the restaurant – she and her mother came into the palette for lunch and talked to my manager hope about us catering her wedding reception. she and josh are getting married at the river house inn here in snow hill – so I called and discussed menus, decorations, etc. during the conversation the fact that I am a photographer came up and long story short – we are pulling double duty as caterers and photographers – yay! one of the very cool and romantic things about josh and brittany in addition to their obvious love for each other is that they are saving their very first kiss for their wedding day – now that will be an important photo to capture on the big day!! thank you so much brittany and josh for allowing me to document your wedding and love, friendship and joy

049 095

those eyes!!!


we found this birdhouse at pusey’s country store – I love the texture and the rustic contrast with her ring


May 30, 2009


bridget has been a friend of mine for a few years. she’s a lawyer who worked for the state’s attorneys office here in snow hill. her career moved her to cambridge and she recently asked me if I could go some  headshots for her new biz cards and website. I said sure – as long as after we shoot those, we can ramble around snow hill and do some fun shots – and it was FUN!img_8637



the lawyer channels her inner sassy DIVA!


her eyes are insanely gorgeous


May 30, 2009


sky is the daughter of my best friend heidi – heidi and I met when we were 8 years old. my parents had divorced and my mom and I moved which changed my school district and I had to go to a new school – I was terrified! I was told that I would be assigned a classmate who would show me around – I was REALLY shy back then and didn’t want to meet anyone! When heidi approached me as my “tour guide” something just clicked and we’ve been best friends ever since. I still remember clearly when she told me she was pregnant with sky and I can’t believe has time has flown – scary! the whole family came down a few weeks ago to stay in chincoteague for vacation and heidi, sky and chelsea came over to snow hill to visit – chelsea is sky’s cousin. well the weather was beautiful and I asked the girls if the wanted to participate in an impromptu shoot – they happily indulged me!



at a store calle Artiques here in town there is this really cool door – we jumped on it! I love the way sky’s eyes glow in this shotimg_6298



May 30, 2009


jenny and keith donoway are the perfect example of establishing and maintaining relationships with our clients and they begin their new life together. My goal as a photographer and an artist has always been to make my clients personalities and their story an integral part of the process. I’ve known jenny’s family for a long time – but didn’t really get to know her until the restaurant opened. when she asked gillette portrait arts to shoot her wedding at bishop’s stock gallery – we were thrilled! then after a long and emotional journey to start their family, jenny and keith learned that they were expecting…. TWINS! so about a month and a half before jenny was scheduled to deliver, I shot their maternity session



after the maternity shoot, we discussed how cool it would be if I came to the hospital after the twin were born for their first official portraits – I love the little hats and bracelets and just the excitement of new life





I LOVE the photo of libby sticking her tongue out at evie – too cute! once the family was given the all clear to go home, I went by the house and we did some shots of the girls in the back yard


I am so excited and honored to have the opportunity to document such a wonderful family – it’s so filled with love, joy and anticipation

May 30, 2009


we’re so excited to have this new blog up and running! If you followed the old blog for gillette portrait arts – you’ve noticed that I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve had some time before wedding season got into full swing so I wanted to dedicate that time to a little revamping – we have a new logo, new promotional materials, some new marketing plans and now the blog. I am tickled!! I have a lot to catch up on – but I am excited to have some of my studio to do list done – please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!